Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Life outside Zion

Recently my family went on a trip to Wyoming to visit my hubby's relatives. First let me warn you that my husband is a convert and comes from a family of gentiles. This was the first time I had ever been to Wyoming, and I can tell you, I will never venture there again if I can help it. Satin has a tremendous strangle hold on those poor lost souls that are longing for the truth. As it happens, I kept my digital camera with me at all times, took some pictures.

Here is a picture of your typical Wyomingite taken at the lake:

Even the public transportation is full of drug addicts and users:

Why, I was walking downtown on my way to the market to get some chocolate chip cookie ingredients, and was accosted by several men under the influence of the devil, and who smelled of last week's laundry. They kept following me, asking me for a quarter to help them bye a bus ticket to see their mom. I was finally forced to rebuke them by raising my arm to the square. You better believe they went running after that.

Oh brothers and sisters, this just goes to show you how lucky we have it in Zion. We have the truth and we don't need to mask our lives with alcohol and drugs. We can instead, be filled with the spirit of righteousness, manafested by the priesthood. I testify that Joseph Smith restored the truth to this earth and I know this to be true, yea even with every fiber of my being.

If reading this makes you feel the spirit, I invite you to pray with me. Pray that the poor lost souls of Wyoming will one day be sober, and will seek out the true guidance that only the teachings of brother Joseph can provide them. Pray that the true light of Joseph Smith will brighten their lives and guide them back home to our father in heaven. Together we can make a difference. If we pray loud and long enough, our prayers will surely be answered. We can change the face of the country, one state at a time.

In the name of Erastus Snow,


Molly the Mormon


Hyrum Youngster said...

Oh, Molly, that was such a powerful post! I just felt the Spirit so strongly as I was reading it.

It's truly unfortunate that all the less-valiant souls from the preexistence need to be poor and not white and delightsome to learn their lesson, but it uplifts my soul to know that they can repent of their evil ways and accept the Restored Gospel, and still lay up treasures for themselves in heaven!

I would have given those dirty drug-abusing beggars a Book of Mormon instead and watch it transform their lives!

I know these things are true.


Jennifer Allen said...

well molly you are not a true saint if you did not take the time to preach the church to those poor lost souls that you saw shame on you. you lost sunbeam points

Rebecca said...

You know, Wyoming is where that Mormon boy and his friend beat Matthew Shepard (the gay boy) to death. What are your thoughts on that?

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Wow, Molly, I'm surprised you didn't mention the can of Lysol you keep in your purse, and how you sprayed down the poor guy while he was sleeping.

Sideon said...

Imagine what the world would be like had Joseph or Brigham made it out west and stayed in... Wyoming.

There would be a lot of sheep running scared, I bet.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Wyoming, where the men are men and the sheep are nervous.

Pete Dunn said...

Isn't Dick Cheney from Wyoming?

Sideon said...

DICK Cheney is from WY, yes.

Pure conjecture, but has he ever uttered the words "honest officer, I was just helping the sheep over the fence"?

Molly The Mormon said...

Oh my my my Sideon. I am positive that our faithful vice president has helped many sheep over the fence. He is just that kind of helpful and thoughtful person. He is after all, a Republican, which is the Lord's political party.

1 Sunbeam point for Dick Cheney.


Molly the Mormon

Anonymous said...

Personally, I am hoping that one Wyomingite will hit a deer and slide off a cliff into the depths of Idaho. You are right, that place is the devil's own. Horrible, horrible god-forsaken-hell-hole!

The Sinister Porpoise said...

The Lord came to me in a dream last night and told me he was a Libertarian.

Jennifer said...

Oh but Molly, Dick Cheney's daughter is a lesbian.

Molly The Mormon said...

Don't blame our faithful VP for the sins and debauchery of his fallen daughter.


Molly the Mormon

aerin said...

Molly - shame on you! What about all the faithful members in the mission field out there in Wyoming??!? I can't believe you didn't attend a branch there to support them.

No sunbeam points for you.

Sideon said...


Did you have a chance to visit Martin's Cove and re-enact the handcart emigration towards Salt Lake City? You know - the site that serves as a reminder to the 145 members who died because their party set out so late in the season? Many of the survivors of that party had fingers, toes and limbs amputated because of the extreme frostbite.

Such a striking example of the mysterious ways in which the Lord works: he can help those people in the BoM across the ocean in water-tight vessels, yet he couldn't get Brigham Young to spend tithing money and upgrade the cheap handcarts for the poor emigrants from Europe.

Hyrum Youngster said...


I think the problem is that you're reading the facts with your physical eyes, not your spiritual eyes.

Trials build faith, and our wonderful Heavenly Father sets trials upon us with a vigor not even our wonderful President Bush can match!

It is plain as day to me that the 145 who died were less valiant souls whose early return to their loving Heavenly Father would serve as extra motivation to their fellow Saints.

And how do you know heathen anti-Mormons didn't just make this story up anyway?

I hope this helps you to understand better.


Anonymous said...

I think the body count was the first clue.

Molly The Mormon said...


I tried to find a ward house in Wyoming, but couldn't, for tripping over all the drunks laying wasted in the streets. The stench was horrible. The spirit of Joseph left me on that day and I had no choice but to return to the barren wasteland that is my husband's family's house.

Once there, I was able to have a private sacrament meeting with my husband, thus re-inviting the spirit to dwell within my busom.


Molly the Mormon

Molly The Mormon said...


If I may add to the wonderful explanation left by brother hyrum, I feel inspired to let it be known that those 145 valiant souls were needed by Joseph to spread his word in the hereafter. It is for this reason that they were taken from this mortal probation. They had already proven their metal by withstanding the tortuous journey across the wilderness. Do not mourn for their souls, for they have passed on to a much more glorious work than what was possible for them here on earth.


Molly the Mormon

Doc Loco said...

Whoa up there everybody!
What the Rama, Rama are you infidels up to anyway???
Don't listen to these freaks Molly!
(Though Anonymous pretty much hit it on the head for once)
The priesthood is sent only to seek out the righteous members of lost Israel, in particular descendants of Ephraim.
I suspect it was the Holy Spirit guiding you to avoid those non-ephraimite drunks and drug addicts.
Why, certainly if they had been the chosen administrators of God's Kingdom, you absolutely would have been guided to minister to their spiritual, and perhaps even their physical needs. As directed by the spirit of course.
To abuse Molly so for not reaching out to second rate humans. Crap, next thing you will be wanting her to invite a bunch of gayites to her home for cookies and missionaries! Are you all crazy? What would those gayites want to snack on first anyway?
But no, we are not looking for gayites or anyone really that is not fore-ordained to be a God or Goddess in the next life.
And if you saw a drunken Goddess on the bus late one night, and it was just you and her, well, crap, who wouldn't want to just grab her and help her out? I mean, a Goddess? Give me a break! But an eternal bean picker??? Why bother!
We are sent to gather in the "Elect" of Israel.
Who skipped Sunday School around here?
Molly, you are as always - right on. And when I say "right on", I mean it in a purely spiritual sense, not in any hippie, dippy way, but like if Jesus said it. I mean, like maybe Jesus and Joseph Smith and Brigham Young and I don't know, maybe even me and Molly and some other super holy people, just all chillin and sayin "right on" to each other. That would be pretty cool.
So, anyway, I know you are following the spirit Molly. I can sense the spirit slowly oozing out from every sweet, fragrant pore of your being and reaching out, reaching out to touch all of us intimately and personally.
It's pretty cool, really.
Anyway, stick with Joseph and don't listen to these weirdos who wouldn't know a real sunbeam point if it burned them in the buttock.
Best and holiest priesthood wishes to you,

Molly The Mormon said...

Why thank you. It's good having upstanding priesthood holders like Doc and Hyrum around to lend a helping hand when needed.

Sunbeam Points to both of you!

Just to respond to the inquiry about why I didn't minister to the needy souls that so thoughtlessly accosted me, Doc pretty much summed it up.

I was overcome with the spirit of descernment and was guided to rebuke them and leave at once.

As much as I wanted to minister unto the lowly beings, who am I to reject the promptings of the spirit?

Brothers and Sisters, when you live a righteous life dedicated to Joseph Smith, and pay a full tithing, you are entitled to spiritual promptings such as the one I experienced in Wyoming.

I admonish any of you that are weighted down with sin and debauchery to go at once to your Bishop. There is still time to attend Tithing Settlement and to start that sobering process of repentance. I only pray that you are not stricken down on your way to the Bishop, being denied the opportunity to repent and get back in good standing with the church by paying a full tithing.


Molly the Mormon

Sideon said...

If we're talking about Wyoming and bishops, how about this piece of advice:

more Brokeback.

less tithing.

Works for me.

Jennifer Allen said...

eyou haven't seen the part that says that all born in the latter day are a chosen people and if they made the right choice in the prexistance then with just a little help from the good people of the church then they could become good church members

Molly The Mormon said...


Even the valiant souls saved for these latter days can fall when faced with bitter temptation, and become lost, yea even sons of perdition.

That's why it is soo important to influence these tender young souls starting at 18 months of age (nursery).

If we, as faithful members of the one true church, can get these youngsters reciting the articles of faith, and bearing testimonies at a young age, their minds will be conditioned for righteousness and purity. It doesn't matter whether they really have a testimony at that age. Repetition will water the seeds of testimony and allow it to grow as they get older.

Hope this helps.


Molly the Mormon

James said...

I've had your Mormon Elders at my doorstep and this posting, especially since I live in Wyoming, is exactly why I want nothing to do with your self-righteous hypocritcal church. You make me sick and represent everything Jesus is not.

Jennifer Allen a true mormon unlike molly the superfreak said...

james this is so not a true mormon sight i counld have my bishop view this sight and he would say it was a crock

Hyrum Youngster said...

Sister Allen:

There is nothing said on Molly's blogs by the good brothers and sisters here (save a few peanut-throwers and ignorant people who know who they are, as everyone knows in their heart of hearts that the church is true) that is not wholesome, faith-promoting and 100% drawn from the admonitions of the prophets and general authorities; do you not know your own religion?

I think you may have more to talk to your bishop about than this site. But I sense you are a sweet spirit. Please, sister, repent, and spend some extra time reading the Book of Mormon and praying.

Your brother in faith,

Anonymous said...

What about reading the Bible? Have you forgotten about that?

Janet M. Kincaid said...

This would be really funny if Wyoming actually had public transportation!

Actually, it's all funny, although I'm questioning--as the descendent of a Wyomingite--the veracity of your observations. ;-) I'll take the lost soul of a Wyomingite any day over the saved soul of some Utard Moron.

Cheekily yours,


Hyrum Youngster said...


The Bible is an inspired book, so far as it is translated correctly. It is not hard to find problems with it that point to bad translation. A person can get closer to God and to Jesus Christ with the Book of Mormon than any other book on earth. There is no truer book. The Four Gospels are good to read too. But, if you have time after reading the Book of Mormon enough to fully understand it, the Doctrine & Covenants and Pearl of Great Price, the Miracle of Forgiveness, and other currently church-approved readings, then is a good time to read the Bible -- the you fill find more inspiration and understanding in reading it with more light and knowledge.


Anonymous said...

Let's just look at the posting itself for a moment.

Molly indicates that "Satin has a tremendous strangle hold on those poor lost souls". I'm frightened because we all know that satin is much more vicious than silk.

You completely focused on any negative aspect you could find on your trip. This is likely because you view your husband's family, the family of gentiles you spoke of, as much less worthy than yourself. Getting back to the point, there is much that you neglected. Did you happen to notice how beautiful the water in that lake looks? It looks, from the picture to be a clear blue skirted with white sand. Had some not liked the look of the person before them, they would have smiled politely and then taken a picture of lovely scenery, one of God's fine efforts.
Did you notice that the sand around the lake is looks clean and the water unpolluted. It would seem that there are those in Wyoming who appreciate the land, which God created, enough to keep it clean.

You took one look at a person sleeping on public transportation and automatically assumed that the person was a drug addict and/or user. Do you always assume the worst about those you meet out in the world. The man is sleeping on a backpack which could indicate that he is a student who has studied himself to the point of exhaustion. Perhaps he is tired from a long day of working and was too tired to drive. Falling asleep on a mode of public transportation would be much more responsible than getting into a wreck by driving.

I also noticed that whatever transportation you were on seemed free of graffiti. Did you notice that? The people you look down on in Wyoming seem to have much more respect for the property of others than you have for them.

I told some children today, who were arguing on the playground, that each person has their own unique qualities and things they are good at. I went on to tell them that we should acknowledge that these things make a person special and do not make one person better than another. I think the same can be true about places.

Molly, I would like to leave you with the idea that if you are looking for something negative, that's the only thing that you are going to see.

Doc Loco said...

Not really.
It's no secret that God puts all his favorite people in Utah County - pretty far from Wyoming.

I really doubt that God is going to try to promote some bull rider to be a god somewhere, do you?

I mean, would we have a rodeo clown jesus or something?

So it should be no stretch to see that Wyoming is really prime territory for just the sort that Molly describes.

After all, she was there.

The main point however and one that no real Mormon would miss is that true Saints are guided by the Holy Ghost.

I'm sure it was the Spirit that whispered to Molly about the inherent evil of those ungodly messes of near humanity!

And it's okay that those people want to be that way. I mean, they are in Wyoming already after all!

And just earlier, were'nt you kind of ragging on Wyoming yourself? Are you one of those people who sleeps on both sides of the bed?

But more to the point, since they are not candidates for God's choicest blessings and to be Gods and have their own planets and billions and billions of children forever, then it doesn't really matter what the drunken, gay cowboys do.

When they die, they will pretty much go to whatever slave heaven they fit best into and not be able to hang with Jesus and Joseph Smith and the Saints.

So, why would the Holy Ghost suggest that a good Daughter of Ephraim would waste her time or resources on them when she might meet a nice young healthy non-wyomingan, non-gayite, non-drunk around the corner that she could bless with a quick and earnest recital of BJ in all it's glory?

Wouldn't that make more sense - I mean, you know - from a more God like perspective?

After all, there are all of the devil's churches to take care of the devil's children - don't you think?

The One True Church is there to look after the Saints, not to coddle God's enemies - and of course that's who all the non-mormons are, except the ones that are waiting to be found of course.

I can't conceive of Molly thinking a negative thought. I mean, she does live in the heart of God's favorite place and is one of the Chosen People, what is there to be negative about?

Not being attracted to something devilish like a drunken gayite cowboy is not "thinking negative".

Lay down with a drunken gayite cowboy and you know what you will wake up with!

Certainly you are not suggesting Molly do that?

And you don't even want to give your husband a foot massage!

Rachel said...

Is this blog for real or very subtly toungue in cheek?
I was raised in the LDS church and am still a member of record but I haven't been active in years.
If this if for real, no wonder I left as soon as I was able.
This is some crazy stuff.

Anonymous said...

I was not the anonymous who made negative remarks about persons from any state.

Molly set in her mind that she did not want to go Wyoming. Once she did that, she was likely only capable of seeing the lowest of people. I would guess that Molly is only willing to see the bad in people who openly and knowingly chose not to be Mormon.

I am also thinking that you have much of the same problem yourself. Where you see a man looking a little rugged in a picture, you jump to the conclusion that they are all gay cowboys. Many psychologists would link such phobias, as clearly you are a homophobe, with tramatic childhood experiences relating to the subject of the phobia. Perhaps you were molested as a child by a cowboy or are currently fighting back some deep seeded desire you have to dress in chaps and find yourself a man.

I will agree with you, Doc Loco, that I do not want to give my husband a foot massage. He wears dress shoes and socks that do not leave his feet very appealing to me. Besides, while we were dating in college, I broke his toe and he hasn't put his feet by me again.

What is striking me as odd is the condemnation for all things non-Mormon. After the long history of religious persecution in the world, I always thought it was a wonderful thing to be able to chose to be Mormon. The appreciation of this freedom encouraged me to be respectful of other peoples' rights to chose their own religion.

Anonymous said...

Rachel, I have been trying to figure out the same thing. I'm beginning to think that this website is a mecca for the most diehard, by the books, insane persons the LDS church, and Utah have to offer. I don't think that they are like that everywhere.

I see you are a MidWest blogger. The Mormons that I have met from Michigan were not this emphatical.

Sideon said...

Doc Loco.

In regards to your "gayite" cowboy comment:

Save a horse - ride a cowboy.

Now git along, little doggie.

Anonymous said...

"it kills and it thrills like the horns on my Silverado grill"

Molly The Mormon said...


You didn't experience the stupor with which this heathen entered the public transportation. Mumbling to himself, spinning, before finally collapsing in a drug-induced coma.

The backpack is likely stolen from a God-fearing brother in Joseph.


Molly the Mormon

Doc Loco said...

See what happens when you hide? Anyone else who wants to post as anonymous can put words in your mouth. Also, no one takes you seriously.
The main point I think is that Molly like all Saints was likely led by the Holy Spirit to see that those were lesser beings, firmly in bondage to the Devil.
Why would she taint herself with them. The Saints are looking for "Seekers" after righteousness, not for anyone with nothing to do!
Regarding my priesthood member status, I certainly wouldn't relate its Godly posture to the phrase git along little doggie! You must be thinking of something you dream about.
You do seem to know an awful lot about gay dressing,(??) and I suppose if you want to tease me about wearing chaps and stuff, you can go ahead, but I think you are lost in your own fantasy which has nothing to do with me.
And you know, this is suppose to be a spiritual discussion and not a place for people to encourage the throwing of one's soul down the pit of demonic gayiteness. Don't you think?
The point about basically hating all things not Mormon is just silly. Brigham Young taught that Joseph Smith taught that Jesus taught him that everything that is right and true in all of religion, science, medicine, government, philosophy (but not much of that) and such - basically ALL TRUTH from everywhere and anywhere IS MORMONISM!
So if you are saying we hate a lie - well, that is good Bible Doctrine for anyone, but especially for Mormons of course since all other faiths are liars along with all those who foolishly subscribe to them. Isn't that what Joseph Smith's first vision was about anyway??? Don't you people know anything about Mormonism?
So to love all truth is Mormonism and to hate all Lies is pretty much to BE LIKE GOD - which is what all Mormons are trying to learn to do anyway.
So, to hate things Non Mormon (which might be a bit strong - hating and all that) is only to hate lies and evil. Everything good and true is Mormon, you just don't realize it!
But, you can't change the truth by not believing it.
And talk about haters! Why is everyone trying to jump down Molly's throat just for being sweet and in tune with the Spirit???
It's like you want her to hang out with wino's and stuff. Are you all out hanging with icky weirdos like that? Do you think you're going to find Jesus hanging with poor, dirty people? The Spirit won't hang in a dirty place, so don't bet on it. So why should she?
I think you are all just being mean and you are not thinking much about Jesus and President Hinkley, that's for sure!

Anonymous said...

Doc Loco, you claim that all churches that are not Mormon are liars. So, those religions which follow the teachings in the Bible are liars??

You say that we can't change the truth by not believing it. I wasn't trying to change the truth. I was trying to find it. I wanted to know what the right thing to do for my family would be. By learning with my mind, I could guide my heart. All I have witnessed on this website is close-minded contempt for education, compassion, and equality. In short, you are not the type of people that I would want my children exposed to. Luckily, you are not anything like the Mormons that I speak with.

I never asked Molly to hang out with those people. I asked her why she would condemn an entire state without seeing more of it. I asked her why she could not look past the people and see the beauty in the land.

You asked if I thought I could find Jesus hanging with the poor, dirty people. I don't merely hang with poor, dirty people. I try to help them out of their poverty and provide a clean example and often times a means to get clean. So, yes, I believe that my efforts with the poor will help me find Jesus. Should I remind you that Jesus was not born a God. He was born poor. God chose Moses to lead his people out of Egypt. Moses was born poor and the people that he led were poor. You may think the the Spirit will not hang in a dirty place. I believe the Spirit will abide in a dirty place if you take it there.

Now, I did not set out to attack Molly as a person. I made comments in regard to her posts. I don't happen to think that someone is a bad person because I disagree with what they believe. Of course, Molly has called me a neglectful wife because I do not believe that my role in life is the same as hers.

You also commented that I seem to know a lot about gay dressing. Hmmm...Cowboys wear chaps. It helps protect their legs while riding in the saddle. Most of the gay people that I have met dress like everyone else. So, it is safe to assume that a gay cowboy would dress like a strait cowboy.

Lastly, I am aware that by remaining anonymous, I could be confused with other people. That's why I merely point out that I didn't make the comment. In case you didn't notice, I tend to be long winded in many of my posts or make small attempts at humor in others. It's not too hard to recognize my wriitng after a while and I'm sure you will get used to it. Besides, I didn't sign up for a blog account. This is only the second blog that I have ever posted to, that I can recall.

Anonymous said...


Had you described his behavior in your posting, it may have been more clear. As it is written, one would think you are judging this person merely on the way he looks.

I was trying to point out, which I guess didn't come across very clear either, that there must have been something positive you could have found to say about Wyoming. If you had a bad experience with the people, I suggested that perhaps the scenery was pleasant.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Maybe Anonymous here should call herself Anonymous#1 or something so we can help distinguish her from others. That way you're still anonymous but can spar if you'd like.

Astarte Moonsilver said...

I am absolutely shocked that I have not yet been counted among "Satin's Minions" on your blog. Would you check out my site? Maybe I'm not being a good "lost soul".....


the Cadillac Cowboy said...

What the hell is my Unlce Bernie's picture doing on your web-site?

Wait. Wait. That's not why I commented; my Uncle Bernie (bless his soul) could never have so much dandruff on his shirt as that man has.

No. The truth is, Molly, the real reason why I'm commenting is cause I am a ...lost...beautiful...handsome...horny

That's right, all say it to the whole world wide web: I'm freakin'lost, spiritually.

(kind of sobbing here) It's true! It's sooo trueee oooo.

OH, PART SOME HOLY ANGEL WISDOM ON MY ASS, you holy virgin from pure-virginity land. GIVE ME SOME OF YOUR SWEET ANGEL, LORD SPICE AND FANTASMIC FRANKENCENSE, or something magically delicious, holy-one, please.

Your my soul's last, last, last hope. Buddhism was full of shit.

Gluby said...

Man, I think he's got Molly. What girl can resist that?

Sideon said...


Smart ones can.


Mavis said...

Merry Christmas Molly.

Hyrum Youngster said...


You wrote: "Should I remind you that Jesus was not born a God."

Actually, you should check your doctrine a little closer and, maybe go to the temple. Jesus = Jehovah. Doctrine is that Jesus and Lucifer were the eldest spirit children of God. Lucifer rebelled, Jesus was obedient. So, Jesus was chosen to create the earth (a la Genesis) by organizing matter unorganized. It's nice to talk about how he was poor and not a god and everything, but it's not quite accurate according to Mormon doctrine. He only, in effect, concealed his godhood and played poor for thirty-odd years. He was undercover.

And under Christian doctrine as a whole, all that stuff about Jesus being for the poor and critical of the rich is based on selective and out-of-context interpretation -- he wanted everyone CONVERTED, including slaves, not to upset the status quo. After all, until mainstream Christianity bowed its head before PCness, it was accepted Christian doctrine that the less valiant souls (those of the dark-skinned races) were the descendants of Ham's gay son Canaan, who Ham cursed that his children would be the servants of servants. Thus, Christianity has long been compatible with slavery until reckless, atheistic liberals forced it to accommodate their cocktail party ideas.

And anyway, comments that could even be possibly read that way didn't last long. His own apostles wrote vigorously in support of the class status quo, including slavery (check out Colossians 3:22-4:1, 1 Timothy 6:1-2, Ephesians 6:5-9, Titus 2:9-10, and 1 Peter 2:18-25). And, actually, it is clear in the ancient evidence that His apostles healthily courted the wealthier of citizens in Rome and elsewhere.

Jesus was no socialist. He was a religionist. It's just in looking superficially at select sections of the New Testament, out of context, that he may look like one who opposes exploitation of people. Jesus wants us all to work hard for our masters!

You wrote: "What is striking me as odd is the condemnation for all things non-Mormon. After the long history of religious persecution in the world, I always thought it was a wonderful thing to be able to chose to be Mormon. The appreciation of this freedom encouraged me to be respectful of other peoples' rights to chose their own religion."

Sister, you're using the learning of the world, which we all know leads good saints down the path of perdition. Joseph F. Smith wrote that broad-mindedness leads to apostasy. And all church authorities have always said that logic and facts must be put aside for faith, for proof denies faith, and faith denies evidence. It's the learning of the world that talks about "religious persecution." The real religious persecution is of Mormons because we hold the Truth, and Satan hates that! That's why he gets the Great Church of the Devil and all its worldwide affiliates to work against us.

So, tolerance is nice and warm and fuzzy to talk about, but should we be tolerant of evil? Of Satan? We all have the freedom of choice to accept or reject God, but freedom of choice doesn't mean freedom from responsibility!

I'm sure if you pray about it you will see this is true.

Your brother in Christ,

Anonymous said...


God would not have put us on this earth if He did not intend for us to learn from it. Our lessons, the good and the bad, are part of our journey.

There is a word for groups that huddle in masses and refuse to live in the world outside and it's called a cult.

You will not have any luck in convincing me of anything by quoting Mormon doctrine when it is the Mormon doctrine that I am finding myself questioning.

Futher, who are you to point a finger at Christianity. You are trying to say that Christianity caved to pressure? The Mormon church has re-written laws under pressure of the federal governmet. Oh! Wait! That was a conveniently placed revelation that only looks like a political move.

Not following the words of a polygamist who preferred the company of 14 year old girls does not make a church the work of Satan.

Oksana said...

Here is a wonderful website to study the Bible. (As far as I can tell from your BLOG, my understanding is that you do read the Bible. Is this true?)

It is available in many versions and also other languages.

Here are some verses that I thought might bless you today.

Jesus in the Holy Bible: "All that the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never drive away. For I have come down from heaven not to do my will but to do the will of him who sent me."

John 6:37-38 New International Version (NIV)

The Apostle Paul in the Holy Bible: "I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone—for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. This is good, and pleases God our Savior, who wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth. For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus, who gave himself as a ransom for all men—the testimony given in its proper time."

1 Timothy 2:1-6 NIV

Doc Loco said...

Yes Hyrum, damn those reckless, atheistic liberals!

I think your entire comment was pretty much perfect. No question about whether you pay your tithing on time!

You other people who say things like you know Mormons who don't think like this, simply don't know what your Mormon friends and family truly think and endorse in written doctrine which we accept as the Word Of GOD.

The simple fact that only one church is actually endorsed and tended by God and that all others are simply cheap imitations orchestrated by the devil to keep people like you in darkness should not be difficult to accept.

God appreciates order.

This does not mean that other churches are mean and nasty. Many of them do many nice things and serve in horrible and dangerous places and in ways that would be inappropriate for the Administrators of God's Earthly Kingdom - the LDS Priesthood.

So, they all have their purpose. Even the devil has a purpose in God's plan.

God can use his evil to achieve His good. It's a common thing in the Priesthood to learn how to "Beat the Devil at His Own Game".

This stuff about Wyoming. My crapping God!!!

Did Brigham Young, though he walked through Wyoming, stop and claim Wyoming as the land of Zion?

No he didn't.

Wyoming is just part of the big, nasty wall God put around Utah to protect His people from wicked Gentile ways.

All Wyoming has got is bull riders and prairie dogs, so what's with all the Wyoming love stuff?

It's just not a holy place, okay?

Molly's pictures pretty much illustrate that.

If you can't see that then you can't possibly have the Holy Spirit as your constant companion.

I mean, good people can go to Wyoming.

Molly proved that.

And thank God she's ok despite her close calls with Satan's minions.

Sadly, many who venture into Wyoming come back somewhat changed.

I know it sounds nice and all PC and everything to say that stuff about good people that are just tired and scruffy and maybe he was just tired or got a bad dose of heroin or something, but really, Wyoming is what it is and doesn't really need anyone trying to make it pretty when it isn't.

Not that Mormons don't love Wyoming. It's just that more distant kind of love, you know? Kind of how you love a gay.

It's certainly not the kind that makes a good person want to hug a drunken, gayite satanist on the bus!

If you are following Jesus and it's not the Mormon Jesus - it's not Jesus.

So how could you know what is right and what is not anyway when your mind is already blinded by the craftiness and teachings of men?

But having gayite love for drunken, satan loving weirdos is not the way.


jane said...

I didn't understand everything you all were talking about, but I get the feeling that some of you people here aren't very nice at all.

That worries me. What if your bishops come here and read what you are saying?

Anonymous said...


You are such a hypocrite. On your blog, you talk negative about your experience with the Mormon religion and yet, here you are Molly's B#$@h. I don't really get the purpose of your brown nosing.

It makes me wonder if you unload this same crap to people as you tatoo a tramp stamp on their crack! Would you now explain to all of us how running a couple of tatoo parlors furthers the work of our Heavenly Father's Plan?

Doc Loco said...

Oh Anonymous,
You really are lacking in understanding of heavenly things.
Do you think that using the talent that God chose to bless me with is somehow wrong?
Do you think I should spit in God's eye and live my life the way you want me to instead of the He has directed me?
Do you think that someone's "crack" as you say, is any less a creation of God than your face and somehow of less value or worthy of less respect?
Do you expect me to come on to this website and propose my own ideas?
You seem to ridicule me for representing only what God has said and revealed through the Mormon Church.
Do any of your opinions about whatever my personal opinions may be that I express elsewhere have any thing AT ALL to do with anything that God has said through the Mormon church???
I didn't recall suggesting that I was some super holy, perfect person, so your derogatory comments insinuating that I have are simply a pitiful and vacuous attempt at false self aggrandisement.
If I make an honest effort to openly face some of the difficulties faced in becoming or being a Mormon and some of them are quite painful, hence the big debate, then what is it to you?
You want to call me a hypocrite because I face life and religion honestly instead of hiding behind "anonymity" or some fake, satan inspired copycat religion that won't get anyone to heaven, ever?
And you are upset that a good person dosn't want to sully themselves by associating with drunken satan worshipers? Do you do that?
You are one of those people who call good bad and bad good.
Wouldn't you rather be a friend to God rather than His enemy?
What the difference is that you and some others don't seem to get is that Mormons subscribe to a different set of standards, rules and expectations than other people of other beliefs do.
I would not pretend to represent anything but OFFICIAL Mormon Doctrine here!
I am somewhat insulted that you would suggest otherwise.
It makes me wonder if you have ever actually tried praying about the things I have shared here?
It's all about the Holy Ghost talking to you - not me! Aren't you paying attention to anything?
If you want to know my personal opinion about something feel free to ask.
This blog though is not really about my opinions.
It is about God's opinions.
But since you are so interested in me:
I happen to be a well respected award winning artist exercising to the fullest a God given talent.
I don't see why you would want to use my legitimate, honest and successful occupation in some vain attempt to humiliate or discredit me. Very bad on you, anonymous! Jesus won't like you for that at all.
What have you done with your talent? Buried it? Sold it? Thrown it away?
Do you even know what it is?
Being a tattoo artist has not stopped me from being a priesthood leader, teacher, father and full time veil worker in the temple.
Maybe God has a different view of things than you do.
But again, this is not about me.
It's about the Restored One and Only True Church of Jesus Christ here on earth.
The story is told in God's own words.
You don't need my opinion.
BJ can't make you see God, but through practiced devotion, BJ can help you to see God. That's what it's all about.
I'm flattered you want to pick on me and show you know more than me, but when you are picking on me, you are only picking on God.
That's just a little dopey don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Doc, you are not God. Picking on you does not pick on God.

I guess that we have learned that it doesn't take much to get a rise out of you.

Since there was a link to your blog and website here, I decided to visit and read a little about you. Background is always good. So, there I found some videos mocking Mormonisn and the statement that you were kicked out of the Mormon church. This naturally raised some questions for me. Since you responded to statements that I made on this blog, I addressed my questions on this blog.

As for the idea of neglecting God given talent, I wouldn't expect a person to waste any talent that God gives them. Of course, there are many ways to utilize artistic talent. I used to work with some very talented artists who worked in the field of graphic designs. They won awards as well. Not that I personally have anything against tattoo artists or persons with tattoos, but it was always my understanding, through what I was taught in the Mormon church, that the church frowned on tattoos. I found the following statements on the matter:

"Tattooing is a desecration of the human body and should not be permitted, unless all that is involved is the placing of a blood type or an identification number in an obscure place. Latter-day saint servicemen in particular are counseled to avoid the pitfalls of tattooing. Persons who are tattooed are not, however, denied the ordinances and blessings of the temple." Elder Bruce R. McConkie, Mormon Doctrine

“Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the Lord.” Lev 9:28

These quotes and beliefs are the reasons that I inquired about your career choice.

You asked if I was using my God given talent or if I even know what it was. You even suggested that I might have thrown it away. Well, if my God given talent was irritating people, I guess I would be doing a bang up job. LOL. Seriously, I am using my gifts and education in a way that really matters to me. I have stated before that I work with the poor and it is true. I have a BBA in Accounting. I gave up my career to stay at home with my children. I have volunteered in their school, parent group, and scouts in ways that utilize my talents and abilities. I have also spent the last 5 years volunteering for an organization that prepares tax returns for low income individuals and families.

I briefly mentioned working with the poor earlier on the blog. Of course, the idea of showing kindness to poor people was akin to spending time with Satan worshipers according to some on this blog.

Now, you said that Jesus won't like me for questioning your occupation when you are using your God given talent. Yet, I point out that Molly neglected to see the beauty in the earth that God created and I'm accused of being a horrible person.

The last thing I am going to address for this post is my status as anonymous. You once said that by posting as anonymous, no one would take me seriously and yet you respond to me at length. I find that oddly amusing. I am, however, a rational person and can understand that there could be some confusion. So have decided to at least sign my posts. That way, I can be differntiated from the other anonymous posts, as if the mere quantity of things that I have to say are not enough. haha

Ann Onymous (Is that better, Doc?)

Molly The Mormon said...


Thank you for the thoughtful links to the Bible Gateway and New International Version of the Bible.

First let me say that members of the true church do believe in the Bible - as far as it is translated correctly, and we all know that the only version of the Bible that is translated correctly is the Joseph Smith translation.

So, though your intentions are good, your interpretation of the scriptures is marred by the evil influences that have changed God's word in all the various translations, having ommitted and changed many plain and precious things in order to further the cause of satin.

I suggest that you get a copy of the true translation of the Bible so you can enjoy the fulness contained therein.

Your Sister in Christ


Molly the Mormon

Molly The Mormon said...


I detect an angry tone from you. As we all know that anger is a secondary emotion, perhaps there is some underlying past or current sin or activity, that you are not properly disclosing to your priesthood authority, and is causing you to take your frustrations out on good priesthood brethren like Doc Loco and brother Hyrum.

Is there anything you would like to disclose to us on this blog in preparation to going to your bishop?

Perhaps a casual affair, or gay thoughts towards your visiting teacher, or inappropriate contacts or desires with one of your kids friends.

Please let us help you get through this trying time. Refer to my post on the steps to ending gaydom if this is your challenge.

We know that you don't mean what you say here towards our faithful brethren, but rather you are merely exhibiting aggression out tendancies.

Remember, we are all friends here and only want the best for you. Let us in.


Molly the Mormon

Anonymous said...

Molly, you should be ahsamed of yourself for even thinking such things. Your mind wandered to some aweful places and you may want to repent for that.

I am happily and faithfully married for 11 years.

How dare you even link my children or their friends with the idea of unpure thoughts!

While I do consider my visiting teacher to be a friend, there isn't any more to it than that. It may disappoint you to know that I don't swing that way.

I'm not exactly sure what trying time you would like to help me with. Let's see...happy marriage...well adjusted children...good friends...relationship with my savior...can bake my own, I'm not coming up with anything.

Well, I guess your theories are all wrong, Molly. I don't even have any aggression toward Hyrum or Doc. I post because I want to find out information or express a different viewpoint.


Ann Onymous

Anonymous said...

Mocking Gods true church with bring judgments to you all at the last day, consider yourselves warned

Trevor said...

Mossy Mormon,

So, Satin is pretty dangerous? Yeah, I've heard that silk and rayon are pretty treacherous, too.


Anonymous said...

If you look deep in your heart, you know that cotton is the one true fabric.

Ann Onymous