Sunday, November 05, 2006

Think of Tithing as Fire Insurance

Tithing is one of the greatest gifts that Joseph Smith gave to true followers. He taught us that heavenly father will reward us for paying an honest tithing, with more gifts than we are capable of recieving. I can't wait to get all my rewards. I have been paying an honest tithing my whole life. I know that my rewards are just adding up, and when they come, I will be blown away. I have such a strong testimony of tithing, why just the other day, I found a dollar in my winter jacket. If I didn't pay an honest tithing, someone else may have found that dollar. This is proof of the divine principal of the tithe.

There are some cheap scapes that try to conjer up reasons why not to pay a true tithing. Well, I only have one thing to say to them. Don't stand next to me at the second coming of Joseph Smith because you are gonna burn like toast.

Oh, I hate saying things like that, but its true, as found in the Book of Mormon. Please turn away from your wicked ways and go straight to your bishop with your check book open. It is not too late for this year. Tithing settlement is still a month away. Open your check book and let the windows of heaven open up for you. I just know that as soon as my blessings come, I will be amazed at their abundance. I want you to have that same feeling. I also want to be able to stand next to you at the second coming. Remember, an honest tithing is like buying fire insurance.


Molly the Mormon