Thursday, January 18, 2007

Callings are of God

My last post resulted in many comments that disturbed me, yea even causing me to quake. I felt impressed to kneal down at my bed stead and consult with the almighty about how to respond. I must say that the warmest feeling filled my bosum when I was inspired to write this post about Callings. Oh brothers and sisters, it is so important that you grasp the verity of what I am about to say.

Your Bishop or Stake President is called of God, and in an as much as he accepts that mantle, he will be a conduit for God's wishes to be fulfilled here on earth in our mortal probation. Yea even will any calling extended to you by these faithful brethren, be also an extension of God's will.

There are a few things that it is of utmost importance that you understand regarding any extended calling:

1) All callings are from God, not man.
2) Refusing a calling is being unfaithful to Joseph and is accompanied by dire consequences
3) Not magnifying your calling is tantamount to rejecting the sacrifice Joseph made at Liberty
4) Your very soul depends on your faithful acceptance and fulfillment of any extended call

Now let's discuss this a bit further. Jesus could have rejected his calling to be our savior, but no, he said, "not my will father, but thine be done." Brother Joseph could have rejected his devine calling to be the Lord's instrument in restoring the true church back on the earth, but no, he gladly accepted this calling and sealed it with his blood. Are you willing to accept your calling and seal it with your blood? As for me and my house, we will follow Joseph Smith.

Matthew states that only the faithful will stand on the right hand of God after the resurrection. Do you want to be counted among the sheep or the goats?

Callings are so important to the church that the profit has even been inspired to eliminate many paid positions inside the church while replacing them with church callings and mission calls. Positions like working at the cannery, ward janitors, working on the church farms and ranches, business positions in the church offices in Salt Lake, Temple presidents and workers, etc. Many of the callings are skilled positions that command great salaries in the corporate world, and the church has seen fit to suffer the consequences of not being able to hire talented young men and women but rather settle for free labor as provided thru faithful members. This sacrifice makes it obvious to me how important it is for us as members of Joseph's restored church, to accept the callings and to fulfill them to our utmost ability so as not to disappoint Joseph, our father, and the savior.

Brothers and Sisters, I have had the holy ghost bear witness to me that these things are true and I close in the name of Joseph Smith...amen.


Molly the Mormon

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

LDS Inc. = Windows of Heaven

Oh Brothers and Sisters, isn't it wonderful how rich and powerful the LDS church has become? I'm sure you are all aware that the true church of God recently purchased a shopping mall in downtown Salt Lake City for 1 Billion dollars. What you might not know is that the LDS church is the second largest property owner in the world, behind only MacDonalds.

The great thing about this isn't that the LDS church has 1 Billion dollars laying around, or owns more buildings that 7-eleven, but rather that not a single penny of tithing money was used in the purchase of the mall or other like properties purchased recently. These purchases are made solely from funds generated from other LDS business interests. This overwhelming wealth and success can only be attributed to faithfulness of its members.

This is the single-most testiment to a people being blessed by our Heavenly Father since the birth of Joseph Smith, and is a great example of the windows of heaven being opened up pouring out treasures so great that there is not room enough to recieve it.

Brothers and Sisters, this is proof positive that the LDS church is the only true church on the face of this planet, and that the righteousness of its faithful members (full tithe payers) has caused the windows of heaven to open up. This can be you too! I can't wait until the windows of heaven open up for me.

God loves members of his church and shows this love by pouring down blessings for those that have sacrificed in the name of Joseph Smith. I'm not talking about token sacrifices here. I'm talking about the sacrifices of true believers, the ones that will make it to the Celestial Kingdom.

I'm talking about members that pay a full and honest tithing (10+ percent of gross income) plus an honest Fast offering, plus support for the scouting program, plus support for the perpetual education fund, and plus supporting the missionary fund to help pay for the missions of those who are less fortunate and cannot pay their own way.

Brothers and sisters, if you are truly a faithful member of God's true church on earth, you will be paying a good 20-25% of your gross income to the church to support all the auxilary programs, temples, missions, and other business interests, but don't think that you are done with only that minor sacrifice. In addition you should be holding at least 1 major calling in the church, or 2-3 minor callings. A major calling is one that requires you dedicate at least 40 hours a week. Anything less and you are not magnifying your calling. If you have a minor calling that only requires 15-20 hours a week, then you need to go to your bishop and ask for addition callings.
I would try to keep your service to the Lord to around 40 hours a week. This will still leave time for your home and visiting teaching assignments. Remember, that a dedicated HT or VT visits their families at least twice a month. Once a month shows no dedication and gives the appearance of number padding, and we all know that home teaching and visiting teaching is not about the numbers.

Remember, this is the Lord's work, but he can't do it without our help, but with our help and sacrifice, the church will become even more rich and powerful enabling it to have enough money to further the Lord's work by spreading the Gospel and recruiting more faithful members.

Brothers and Sisters, I know that the church is true and this work is inspired of God.
In the name of Joseph Smith,


Molly the Mormon