Thursday, August 24, 2006

Satin is working overtime.

Lately I have been lurking around the blogosphere and have noticed many blogs that are dedicated to satin's work. They are under the guise of ex-mormon or recovering from mormanism, but I know there true agenda.

Some of these blogs I will list here:
discovering la (sounds like an R-rated telly tubby movie)
joseph's left one (how discusting)
simeon's peep stone (only fools use peep stones)
agnostic mom
mormon truth
a new eric (added at the request of eric himself--I can't believe he wants to be associated with the likes of those listed above)
and many many more

Brothers and sisters, PLEASE do not visit these blogs unless your intent is spiritual harvesting.
These people are influenced by the devil and mean to lead you away from the truth!!

They really can't help it though. They need our help. We must help them overcome the wisperings of the fallen one.

I propose that we have a prayer vigil at exactly 9:00pm MST on Saturday night. Let's lift our voices to the lord in prayerful concern for these poor lost souls. Together we can make a difference because as sure as I am here today, I know that our prayers will be answered.

Thanks for your faithful dedication.

Yours in faith,

Molly the Mormon


Alma said...

My english is a little poor but I'm going to try...

I was mormon for about seven years... my mother fell sick then I left the church of jesus christ... my best memories are about the church, brothers and sisters, and our presidents and conselors...

Sometimes when I feel bad and sad, I sing some hymns and learn it to my little son...

My best regards to you...

Molly The Mormon said...


Thank you for your post. You are always welcome in the mormon church. Please make a point to visit the services at your local ward.

Hymns are always uplifting. I love to hum them as I go about my motherly duties in my home.

Yours in faith,

Molly the Mormon

Eric said...

Ms. Morman,

I am greatly offended by your recent post.

You list several sites that you feel are the work of master Mahan, and you purposely and unrighteously omitted my blog, a new eric.

I will not stand for this brand of mockery. Shame on you.


Molly The Mormon said...


After viewing your blog, I absolutely added it to my list of disturbed blogs.

While adding it though, I had a personal revelation that there is still hope for you. Please reconsider the path you have chosen. Join the ranks of the chosen of Israel. Help us fight the good fight and win the battle against evil.

I will pray for you during my Saturday vigil and encourage my readers to do the same.

May the spirit of Nephi be with you.

Molly the Mormon

dfb said...

Eric will be harder to convert than you think. Not only is he under the influence of satin, he is also bound by taffeta and lace!

Eric said...

bound by cloth... hmmm.. sounds kinky

La said...

Eric IS fabulous, I will not deny.

They should teach that in a Home, Family and Personal Enrichment mini-class:

"10 Ways to be Fabulous"

Oh, and:

"Pole Dancing"

I would've stayed in the church if I could've been learning USEFUL stuff like that!!

The Sinister Porpoise said...

I would like to point out that the Lair of the Sinister Porpiose is not only influenced by Satan, but The Sinister Porpoise has embraced him as a full partner.

dfb said...

BTW, Where is this "Prayer Vigil" and should I bring beer? Or will there be a bar? As sure as I am here today, I know that I can't lift my voice without lifting a glass, too. Last night I tried lifting my voice without a beer and I ended up singing a Journey song two half-notes high. What a cat's-ass-trophy!

Bishop Rick said...

You guys are cracking me up.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Put your shoulders to the wheel, people!


Molly The Mormon said...

That's the way to tell them Sister Mary!
I truly am glad you see my side on this issue.

I can't believe someone would consider bringing a vile liquid to a prayer vigil, so they can act sinister with a porpoise. Absolutely discusting. As you can see, there is a great need for us to put our shoulders to the wheel.

Molly The Mormon said...

Oh my. I got so riled up, that I forgot to sign off.

I leave you with Moroni's Promise,

Molly the Mormon

Anonymous said...


Natalie said...

Hey, Molly, I want to be "discusted" and disturbed! Add me! Add me. After all, I get accused of all manner of evil things all the time. Surely SOME of it must stick...

Molly The Mormon said...


I have been to your blog. You are the reason I am adding my next post about fighting gayism. I will most assuredly add you to my unfriendly list.

No Sunbeam points for you until you become kinder and gentler.

I still pray for you.

Molly the Mormon

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that Molly does not consider me in the grips of satan. So am I still celestial material?

Molly The Mormon said...


We will have to keep an I on your progress. Then we will see.


Molly the Mormon

A soul, finally free. said...

WOW. I'm not sure if Molly Mormon is for real with all of this. It makes me laugh because she is so narrow minded and ignorant!! But aren't all good mormon memebers? It's so funny to me that if you actually read the bible it is very contradictory to the beloved Book of Mormon. I stumbled over a verse in my bible reading...Proverbs 30 Verse not add to his words, or he may rebuke you, and you will be found a liar. Hummm I think the BOM qualifies to adding to his words. But thats just probably part of the bible that was mintranslated. Right Molly Mormon? Another great verse I found...Galatians 1 verse 7 at the end it says this...You are being fooled by those who twist and change the truth concerning Christ. Molly Mormon I hope that one day you might find the truth concerning Christ because it is wonderful. And as the Goldren rule says, do to ohters what you would would want done for you.....I will be praying for YOUR lost is stuck in outer darkness, and I hope you will one day find it and come out into the light. May God Bless you with wisdom and knowledge. Best Wishes!

Molly The Mormon said...

Thank you dear Emily for you concern for my soul, but I assure you that I am on the straight and narrow path that leads to Joseph Smith.

Do you really understand what the bible is? It is a compilation of stories, letters, histories, etc. that were put together by a group Jews (OT) and a group on Pagans (NT). Every time they added a new book to the canon, could be considered adding to the word of God.

I don't think the Book of Mormon qualifies as adding or changing the word of God at all. In fact, much of the Book of Morman is exactly the same as the Bible making it a perfect might say Another Testiment to Joseph Smith.

Well have a nice day.

I will pray for you.

Molly the Mormon

A soul, finally free. said...

Well I do disagree MOlly. The BoM is just like the bible because it was PLAGERIZED!!!! It came after the bible was written and contained many errors that have been changed 100's of times. Yet it claims to be the only true book left here on this earth. Crazy that it was revealed to Joseph that he had written the most accurate book on earth but it had to be changed many times. Hummm, sounds a little fishy to me. Oh well.

Molly The Mormon said...


I understand your concern, but the reason the Book of Mormon resembles the Bible, is because when Joseph got to the parts that were similar to the bible, he chose to use the bible translation because that is what was most familiar to people. Very thoughtful on his part.

Also, the doctrine and content is what is perfect. A few typos here and there made by the typesetter, don't make the Book of Mormon imperfect. I surely make a few typos myself.

Please let me know if you have any other concerns and I would be happy to clear them up as I have the plagarism issue.


Molly the Mormon

Jennifer Allen said...

Molly i dont now what you have against natalie but you might as well add mine too

Trevor said...

Mossy Mormon,

So, Satin is working overtime? What about rayon? What about silk? No mention of cotton, either.

Buy a clue -- they're a dime a dozen! LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, um, you might wanna check your spelling. I didn't know fabric could work overtime. If you are such a fervent member of the LDS church, perhaps you should know how to spell "Mormonism". Just a suggestion. Spell check exists in these latter days.

Anonymous said...

If your fool enough to believe Joseph Smith was visited by some angel named Morini instead of believing Gods word then you have lost your mind. Joseph Smith is not and never was a prohet. No mention in the Bible of him at all. Second, God is not the author of confusion. Joe Smith read the bible and took excertpts and tried to create his own little power base. WRONG answer again! Now if you read the book of Mormon you will find that Mormans believe that God has a father. Wrong yet again. God's word says, "I am the Alpha and Omega" That means there were none before and none after. Geez, this is so easy to punch holes in it's ridiculous. Who told Joe Smith that the Bible was not sufficient? I can answer that one. Joe Smith told HIMESELF. Read your bible and discover the blatent conflicts between Gods word and the fraud that is the Morman church. Nice try Satin. YOU LOSE AGAIN!


Interested said...

Oh my heck, Molly you really must add me to your list of undesireables. I'm sure to corrupt your readers.

Anonymous said...

hi molly, i have just one thing to say: who are we to save souls as you pretend? we are poor we are nothing, we are larves,and this because we did nothing to deserve what Jesus did and does for us. we are not worthy of his assistance. it's up to Him if he save us or not whether we are good or bad, so stop claiming you save souls, for God's sake!!!

Anonymous said...

you egotistical happy go lucky mormon supremists are sofa king ignorant, reading your comments made me vomit projectively.... oh no I must be possessed!! quick to the bat mobile! a candlelight vigil will help!...tard

Anonymous said...

We are taught through religion to nurture our testimonies and to let them grow. One way to grow your testimony is to bear it. Let me think about that for a minute. If I say something enough times, the more I will believe it. Interesting concept. Can something be considered brainwashing if it is self induced?
in other words, you are all full of SHIT!!!!

humblegunner said...

Satin is a fabric.
I don't know what you have against satin.
Unless, of course, you are just plain illiterate and actually mean something else besides satin.